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Shop the very best meat available from professional butchery and deli in Mauritius

Sauces & Marinades

Compliment your meal with our range of artisan and delicious sauces and marinades. From marinades to specialist oils and everything inbetween, The Butcher Block Mauritius boasts a wide selection of sauces and marinades to compliment our range of Grade A meat products in Mauritius.
Sauces & Marinades


Spur Original BBQ Sauce
Rs 18000
Sold Out
Sold Out
Mrs. Balls Chutney Peach
Rs 23500
Sold Out
5 in stock
Weber Original BBQ Sauce
Rs 21000
2 in stock
Nandos Perinaise (Hot)
Rs 24000
Spur Mushroom Sauce
Rs 18500
5 in stock
Ina Paarmans Sticky Marinade
Rs 27500
Sold Out
Sold Out
Steers Rave Sauce (375ml)
Rs 24500
1 in stock
Steers Rib Marinade (700ml)
Rs 32500
Jimmy's Steakhouse Sauce
Rs 22000
Mrs. Balls Chutney - Hot
Rs 23500
3 in stock
4 in stock
Spur Steak Sauce
Rs 25000
6 in stock
45 results