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Shop the very best meat available from professional butchery and deli in Mauritius
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Our Customer Promise: dedicated to providing the highest quality meat on the Island, quickly & conveniently

packaged meat with spices on wooden table
butcher block packaged meat in square share for header
our speciality meat packs

pre-packaged for your convenience

Carefully crafted and pre-packed Asado, BBQ or Braai packs, meat selections at bulk prices

butcher bloc mauritius butcher cutting tomahawk steak
chef cutting a tomahawk steak in an apron
qualified team of experts


Combined over 50 years experience as chefs, restauranteurs and master butchers

butcher block mauritius meat on chopping board by the chef
chef presenting fresh meat on a chopping board
Freshness Guarantee

Butcher Shop in Mauritius

Your friendly local butcher, visit us in-store for awesome deals