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Shop the very best meat available from professional butchery and deli in Mauritius

Spices & Rubs

We've hunted the globe to select what we believe to be some of the best herb mixes and rubs to compliment your meats, salads and vegetables. Our range of spices and rubs will give you a wide selection of flavours to accompany your next culinary adventure.
Spices & Rubs


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Steers Seasoning Salt (225g)
Rs 22000
5 in stock
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Handipak Portugese Peri-Peri
Rs 19000
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Nomu Beef Rub
Rs 19000
Six Gun Grill Shaker (100g)
Rs 17500
Nomu Atlantic Sea Salt
Rs 15000
5 in stock
Nomu One For All Grinder
Rs 19000